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Server Rules

Post  WHALE on Sun Dec 19, 2010 4:49 am

+ + + SERVER RULES + + +

Follow these rules or you might end up getting an explosive ban!

1. No Scamming / Hacking. (WZ Edits that give you advantages, example; longer teleport.) If you fail to do so.. BAN!
2. No SMEGA (Super Megaphone) spamming. example; @@!")(§!@@@!"(§! over n over again. If you fail to do so.. JAIL!/BAN!
3. Advertising another server will result to.. an explosive BAN!
4. Faking to be a Super Game Master / Admin will result to.. BAN!
5. Insulting a Super Game Master / Admin will result to.. JAIL!/BAN! Up to the SGM/Admin~
6. Selling/buying ACCOUNTS from other games or buying items with a different currency will lead to.. BAN!
7. KSing is allowed however stalk ksing is not! Stalk ksing may lead to Jail!/Ban!

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